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Super Saver 烧烤超值配套


Price of package is for 10 pax serving

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Price of package is for 10 pax serving. And it includes:

1. 25 nos of Plates 纸盘
2. 25 nos of Forks 叉
3. 1 no of Charcoal (3kg) 火炭
4. 1 box of Fire Starter (20pc) 火熜
5. 1 pc Wire Mesh 烧烤网

6. 1 no. Chicken Satay (50stick) 鸡肉沙爹
7. 1 no. Satay Sauce (300gm) 沙爹酱
8. 1 no. Buffalo Wing – Teriyaki Sauce (20pc) 日式 中翅
9. 1 no. Chicken Chop BBQ (10pc) 日式鸡排
10. 1 no. Small Drumlet – Homemade sauce (20pc) 小鸡腿
11. 1 no. Sting Ray in Belachan (10pc) 魔鬼鱼
12. 1 no. Squid Whole in Homemade Sambal Sauce 苏东
13. 1 no. Japan Sweet Potato in Foil (05) 日本番薯

Please take note, price of package does not include delivery charges unless stated otherwise; )


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